Thursday, 12 November 2015

Meir Ezra: How to Improve Efficiency

One of the simplest yet wisest concepts of time comes from Meir Ezra and it goes like this:

What is the one thing we wish we could control better? What is the only thing you lose every single moment and can never get back…


Time is actually just a decision. If you do in one day A, and the next day you do the same A and also you do B, you effectively created time. If a one hour job took you thirty minutes, you created time. If you tightened up your day to create another spare hour, you of course created time!

And he is 100% right when he adds that everyone has the same number of hours in which to live and do what we have to do; yet phenomenally successful people such as Bill gates, Warren Buffet and Michael Jordan seem to have more hours to their day. Ezra believes they do actually have more time in their hands.

Efficiency does matter, if we only knew what it truly is and how we can achieve it in our own individual lives. Ezra defines efficiency or efficacy as “minimum action with maximum reaction”

Just how do we obtain maximum action with minimum reaction? How do we comprehend efficiency completely such that we can be like those people mentioned above and gain success and recognition according to our own abilities and ambitions.

Ezra believes there is but “ONE correct way to be efficient and fifty one incorrect ways”. Moreover, he stands by the principle that anyone can acquire competence, another close word to efficiency which he defines as “the ability to do what you do when you are doing it.”

In short, knowing the many other wrong ways of being inefficient as well as the one simple way of achieving efficiency resolve the whole issue at hand and can make any person become the most efficient person he or she can be. Doing so will bring success and prosperity through multiplying the most valuable resource we can have in life – time!

A three-day seminar under Meir Ezra and his staff will teach the following vital principles:

·        How we can properly achieve efficiency

·        How people mismanage time (the 51 incorrect ways)

·        How to properly accomplish tasks that need to be done

·        How to maximize your use of time in each day

·        How to imitate the work habits of the most famous and successful personalities

·        How to make people you know also efficient

·        How to obtain productive results.

·        How to deal with people who take away your time

·        How to properly schedule your day.

·        How to achieve high productivity

·        How to deal with people who are unproductive

·        How to manage people who produce more problems than solutions

Many people live through life wasting their lives, their time and their potential for success and happiness. Efficiency is not something taught early in many circles in life. Perhaps, many things we learned from our childhood, we simply learned from the way our parents learned them from their own parents and back into time.

It is time to take control of our lives and our time and make our dreams come true.

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